PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Empowering Accomplishment for Our Clients.

PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing continually saddling our passion and innovation to help create a better tomorrow because as science advances, we progress with it, offering new understanding and front line innovations helping our clients explain the world’s most difficult human health issues.

Established 3rd of February year 2012, PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is one of the outstanding new manufacturing companies in Thailand with an intensive focus in safety, quality and consumer oriented array of products. PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company is an exclusive Thai organization, situated in the occupied City of Bangkok, Thailand. PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company is one of the real contract makers of value corresponding social insurance items and corrective items. PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company produces products for circulation under diverse trademarks and brand names for their clients and different organizations with deals in both local and global markets.

PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company’s yield comprehensively contains human services integral items and nonessential itemswhich incorporate tablets, hard gelatin cases, delicate gelatin containers, fluid, creams treatments, and so forth. Notwithstanding these items, PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing likewise supplies cleanser bars and milk powder items. PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is staffed by an expert group with years of involvement in the pharmaceutical and nonessential industry to guarantee well being and quality in every item being advertised.


Our Company’s Vitality

We vary from other contract makers by giving “Velocity with Quality”. Our quick turnaround time is obvious from the starting item enquiry, directly through to assembling and conveyance. Our certification of value applies to our items as well as to the client administration we offer.

As a Thai organization, PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has constantly given a great level of administration to its numerous neighborhood clients. As an agreement producer, we have additionally helped a number of our clients in trading quality Thai dietary supplements and personal care as well as consumer care products to numerous nations.


Our Company’s Promise

Being in the pharmaceutical business for quite some time, PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing sees how critical the product quality must be. To succeed and develop through magnificence, PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has constantly strives to keep up its great notoriety by utilizing the best selection of ingredients & formulations all through its assembling procedure.

At PKFB Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, we have taken all the care for our clients, this guarantees the products that are dispatched are fabricated under tenets and health regulation. The Quality Control procedure is completely done by our in-house devoted group that intends to guarantee the item are conveying the most elevated quality conceivable, as well as are fabricated for the advantage and health of clients’ prosperity.

Our Form of Products